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Zumba Fiesta Zumba Fitnes Classes

Zumba Fitness GLEBE (Also live streamed on ZOOM)

Saturday 10am - 11am

Health Alliance Movement 

50 Francis Street, Glebe (upstairs)

Free parking in Broadway south carpark right across from entrance

What is Zumba?

Zumba® combines hypnotic Latin American and International music with HOT easy to follow dance moves. It is a different exercise experience to any other you have tried. Every class is an invigorating hour long session where you will shake and shimmy your way to fitness and better health. Every class is guaranteed to leave you sweating AND smiling. Zumba®'s goal is simple: "We want you to want to work out, to love working out, to get hooked". And believe me, Zumba® can be very addictive. 

Because of this reason, the emphasis in Zumba® is more on having fun than being perfect, and getting all the moves right. It's suitable for all ages, and all levels of fitness. There are no such "levels" of such, however it is designed so that everyone can take it at their own pace, and work at a level comfortable to them. In any given class you can find all different levels of fitness and co-ordination and people from ages 14 - 80 enjoying the wonderful music and rhythms of Zumba®. If you like good music, to dance at a party, keep healthy and have fun - you will love Zumba®.

So why is Zumba® such an effective workout?

Any fitness professional will tell you that interval training is the way to go when it comes to fat loss and increased fitness. It allows you to get your heart rate up but allow some active recovery, so you don't burn out too quickly. Zumba® features many different rhythms and styles of fast and slow paced songs which allows for a fantastic interval training session. Another reason that Zumba® is so effective is that you are using every part of yourbody throughout the class. Including all of  your big muscle groups such as your legs and your back. This means that your heart rate will go higher and you will burn more calories. In fact, they say that you could burn up to 1000 calories in 1 Zumba® class! That is HUGE! And don't forget the fantastic workout your core is getting with all those twisting and hip movements.  


Class participant Lisa Conway says: "It is GREAT! I am totally obsessed with it now as a means of fitness! It has absolutely no comparison to walking on a treadmill in a gym, its an hour jam packed with funky dance moves for all levels of fitness :) I ♥ it!! you should come along to a class!!"

She is right, so what are you waiting for?  Ditch the workout - and join the PARTY! 

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