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Zumba Fiesta Owner/Instructor

I first became aware of this fantastic program over 12 years ago as I was researching some ideas for my dance fitness classes on the internet. Just over 10 years ago it FINALLY came to Australia and now, everyone is sharing the Zumba® love!

I have been working in the fitness industry since 1997. Over the years I have taught almost all styles of Group Fitness classes, and I am now exactly where I've always wanted to be. The thing I love about my industry is the reward that comes with changing someone's life in a positive way. With Zumba® I can do this every day and I get to see my participants doing something that is not only good for their body, but their mind too. I've seen Zumba® help people lose weight and get fitter - and improve both their physical and mental health. It gives people an hour in their day to let go, feel good about themselves and shake all their troubles away.

It is a positive, relaxed, non-intimidating environment where no matter how fit or coordinated you are, everyone feels comfortable and accepted. There is no pressure and no ego. I have people - male & female, from ages 5 - 90yrs taking part in Zumba®classes, and everyone is loving it in their own way. I see new friends being made. Friends for life. People begin to feel confident with themselves and their bodies and this transforms their lives outside of the classes. And all this happens while having so much fun they don't even remember they are working out! Be careful. You WILL get addicted. 

Zumba has absolutely CHANGED MY LIFE. There is a MAGIC in this program like no other I have ever experienced before - and I am so grateful every day I I get to share this magic with the world. 

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